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Bank Loan 1000-50.000 USD

Thrift Bank is a specialized bank offering diverse services, established in 1992 and already operating in 9 countries.

They started their operations in Finland in 2009 and it offers customers deposit and loan services. Thrift Bank is a bank that specializes in unsecured consumer loans.

They can apply for a loan of between USD 1,000 and USD 50,000 right away . When you apply for a loan on Loan, your application will be forwarded to 30 other lenders in addition to Thrift Bank.

Applying is free and does not bind the applicant to a loan.

Thrift Bank information in brief:


  • Unsecured consumer credit 1000 – 50.000 USD
  • The repayment period for the loan is 2-10 years
  • The service age limit is 22 years
  • Loan consolidation is also easy
  • Apply with a Co-Applicant – Get a loan at a lower interest rate
  • Bank loan flexibly online
  • You can apply for a loan for just about any need
  • It is free to apply for a loan. Feel free to choose the loan offer you want
  • Example Calculation: When the loan amount is USD 9,000, the term of the contract is 5 years and the interest is 8.9%, the monthly payment is USD 198.89. The contract fee is 0 USD, the account management fee is 12,5 USD / month and the APR is 12,4%. The refundable amount is USD 11,933.40. The effective annual interest rate for a sample loan may not exceed (max APR) 25.3%. The loans have a repayment period of 24-120 months. The interest rate of the loan is determined personally, detailed information can be found in the loan offer.

Who does Thrift Bank lend?


Below are the criteria that an applicant must at least meet. However, Thrift Bank will always make a decision to bid on the basis of the information provided for each applicant.

  • You are at least 22 years old
  • You have handled your finances properly and you have no payment default entries
  • Your salary or pension income is at least $ 1,200 per month
  • You have a permanent address in Finland
  • You have good solvency and not too much previous debt

Remember, even if you do not meet the criteria for Thrift Bank, you should still apply. We pass it on to about 30 loan services. The criteria of the lenders vary, so there is a good chance that one of the 30 lenders can lend you a loan.

How Much Can I Get a Loan?


Thrift Bank grants consumer credit to a single applicant up to a maximum of USD 25,000. However, up to USD 50,000 can be obtained if you apply for it with a joint applicant.

The joint applicant can be, for example, your own spouse, spouse or other family member. When two people apply for a loan together, they will improve their ability to pay and thus have a better chance of getting a bigger loan.

Due to improved solvency, it is also possible to obtain a loan at a lower interest rate than applying alone.

Loan without collateral


When you bid for your loan at our service, you will never need collateral or guarantors for your loan.

The benefit of an unsecured loan is definitely the ease of applying and the short processing times.

Since you do not have to think about and search for collateral or guarantors for your loan, it is much easier to apply for a loan.

Loan services, on the other hand, are able to process clients’ applications quickly, as they do not need to verify the collateral of the clients or the suitability of the guarantors.

Fill out the application with us and get your initial loan decision quickly.