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Bank Loan Online

Bank is one of the largest banks in Europe and the largest financial services group in the Nordic countries. They provide their customers with comprehensive banking services.

Now you can apply for a Bank Bank Loan through Loan for free with 30 other lenders.

Bank’s loan product is an unsecured Flexibility Loan, which can range from USD 2,000 up to USD 50,000. The age limit for a loan is only 18 years.

Bank information in brief:


  • Flexible bank loan 2000 – 50,000 euros
  • One of Europe’s largest banks
  • Age limit only 18 years
  • You can choose from 1 to 5.5 years as the payment period
  • Possibility to hold repayment twice a year
  • Flexibility loans make it easy to combine loans
  • You can also apply for a new loan and use it for whatever you want
  • Compete with Bank through our service to ensure you get the best interest on your loan
  • Example Calculation: With a nominal interest rate of 7.69% and a maturity of 72 months, the effective annual interest rate on the USD 5,000 Flexible Loan is 13.5%. The total amount of credit and credit costs is USD 7,167 and the number of installments is 72. The opening charge for the loan is USD 0. The calculation includes an account management fee of USD 12.50 per month as an automatic charge.

To whom does Bank grant the Flexible Loan?


Bank may grant a loan to an applicant that meets at least the following criteria:

  • Is of legal age
  • No payment default entries
  • Regular income and sufficient repayment capacity
  • Owns Personal Online Banking Numbers

Bank always makes the final loan decision based on the information provided by the applicant. Applying for a loan will never cost anything and will not bind the applicant to a loan. So feel free to try and see what kind of loan offer you would get.

Make sure you have the best chance of getting a loan and apply at our service. You reach 30 banks and lenders and all you have to do is submit an application.

A bank loan suits many needs


Through us you can apply for a loan for any need. Once you have a loan in your account, no one determines what you can use it for, but you can do whatever you want with it.

The Bank Flexibility Loan can be applied for from USD 2,000 to USD 50,000, so it has the ability to finance a wide range of purchases.

Loan applications are often made for things like:

  • Home repairs. When a home is renovated, the cost can quickly rise to an unexpectedly high level. Especially if more than minor surface repairs are planned
  • Car purchase For many people, a car is an indispensable tool for commuting and other things. A car is often financed with loan money, so it is possible to get the car that best suits your needs.
  • Holiday trips. A little break from everyday life will help you cope. However, arranging a holiday trip can be surprisingly expensive, especially when traveling abroad. With a little extra funding for a holiday trip, you don’t necessarily have to settle for the cheapest option, but get where you want it.
  • Everyday Finance There are often surprising expenses that you may not have prepared for in your everyday life. It is also possible to apply for flexible financing and to get your life back to normal.
  • Combining loans and other payments. Sometimes, anyone can accumulate small loans and other installments, which grow into a large sum every month. In this case, it is possible to seek relief with a larger bank loan to pay off the earlier loans.