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From abroad, the Good Finance bank card market is being attacked with rechargeable bank cards. Who is this good for?

Those who are browsing the Internet a little nowadays cannot avoid the blatant advertisements of SureBuy prepaid credit cards trying to sell this product to Hungarian customers from abroad but in Hungarian. We checked out who this card is worth (outside of its issuer). 

Rechargeable credit card? And what is it good for?

Rechargeable credit card? And what is it good for?

After the rechargeable mobile phone card for Hungarian ears, the rechargeable (prepaid) credit card may not sound quite unusual either. In fact, it is available on the Hungarian market (companies tend to give away cash prizes with it), can be applied for together with a city card, and hundreds of thousands of young people have learned about rechargeable credit cards at major summer music festivals in recent years.

The invention is brilliant, just like a mobile card: you can only spend as much money as you have on your card, no credit line, no debts, and no bank account behind it, thus relieving you of some extra bank charges. In addition, although this advantage is not emphasized in the sales argument, since the card is issued abroad, there is no need to pay a financial transaction tax after using it. Then hurray, the Canaan came, let’s leave our bank and demand a mass prepaid credit card from England?

Not quite. Instead, use our bank account comparison to find the cheapest invoices!

Unusual fee structure  


Although the SureBuy card is very tempting at first glance, it is not specifically designed for the Hungarian market, so it requires a whole new way of thinking.

First of all, most importantly, this card is issued in the framework of an international cross-border service for Hungarian customers in Great Britain, which means that this bank card can actually be used in Hungary as a foreign country. This means that there is no infrastructure for everyday use of the card. The usual ways (deposit, wire transfer) do not allow you to recharge your card free of charge in Hungary, and if you have a problem we cannot make a phone call (phone contact is not provided by the card issuing English financial service provider), but you can only send email respond within a business day.

SureBuy prepaid bankcard fees are not adjusted to Hungarian pockets either: they deduct a first credit of almost € 90 (about 28,000 forints), which includes the first three years of the bankcard’s charge, and almost every We pay 1.75 percent (but there is also a recharge method with 8.75 percent), plus we pay 5 euros for cash withdrawals, and we also deduct 2.75 percent when making payments in foreign currency (including Hungarian Forint) .

Still, who is this good for?


As you can see, large masses will not need this card product head on. It may sound strange at first sight after all these prizes, but there are a couple of target groups who may still be worth the redemption of the SureBuy card. No, not in Hungary.

Although there are two free of charge recharging fees, Good credit transfer is not really free in Hungary, as the English card issuer Good Finance. does not charge for recharging in this case, however, it is not possible to transfer the money to the card account for free There is no free Good credit transfer in Hungary. Good credit transfer, which is designed primarily for sending euro within the euro area between countries, although the cheapest international credit transfer in Hungary, but by no means free, can cost thousands of forints, but at least 4-5 euros.

However, Good credit transfer may be free of charge from a country already in the euro area, such as neighboring Austria, Slovenia or Slovakia, so people across the border can use this opportunity to some extent (though maintaining a sending bank account is money, so what we gain on the reed, we can lose it on customs).

Payment from a bank branch


Cash depositing is also free of charge, not just from Hungary, but from certain German and Austrian branch networks. Therefore, anyone who works in Europe (or more precisely in the euro area) may already be worth such a card, since if you get your money locally (and the euro), you will probably be able to settle for a free recharge. You can apply for a payment from a bank branch, incoming credit or even pay for it.

It is also worth it for all our compatriots who work in Hungary but earn their income from abroad. It can also be worth it for someone who receives a regular transfer of money from a relative or family abroad, but note that it is really worth it if we spend the money on the card in euros as there is no conversion cost and it is advisable to spend with a purchase. As these latter two target groups live in Hungary, buying in euro is very limited, and cash withdrawal is not easy, although in Bank operates some of these ATMs, which can also use SureBuy cards. Although it has a special annual fee of EUR 15, it is also worthwhile to buy a partner card for the sons of our country looking for a foreign card, since with a Hungarian partner card, family members also have access to money behind the card used abroad.

And if you are a Hungarian who receives money from the euro area regularly and has Good transfer obligations for this money, you may also consider replacing your SureBuy card, as the fee for sending a Good card from a card is only EUR 2.5, which is below the fees of Hungarian banks.

The sunny side of SureBuy


For the sake of objectivity, it is also worth mentioning the benefits of the card, which, while not overwriting our findings so far, may offer additional benefits to those worth replacing.

On the one hand, the card comes with a referral program that not only helps the card issuer to distribute the product, but also offers benefits to the card holder itself. In the customer loyalty program, for every newly acquired customer, the referral customer pays EUR 25 (approximately HUF 7,700) and pays the card issuer Good Finance. to his card account. Contrary to similar periodic programs in Hungary, there is no upper limit on the amount of money you can earn for acquired clients.

On the other hand, even though some of the SureBuy fees are really high, in addition to the annual card fee, which is deducted 3 years in advance, you only have to pay for it if you use it. So there is no monthly fee, there are no hardly transparent fee discounts, although there is no free cash withdrawal as this is not a Hungarian bank card.

Thirdly, SureBuy cards can be applied for with the same fee structure for companies and entrepreneurs, where card usage costs are eligible for other business costs.

No transaction fee is payable Good rately


Finally, SureBuy is also available in gold at no additional cost, which allows you to receive a gold credit card without financial conditions simply because you pay your fee. It is true that such a premium product is also available at the domestic, and the higher platinum card.

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