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Loan to Invest in a New Business: Is It Worth It?

In a survey conducted by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor with 49 countries, Brazil stands out in the Total Entrepreneurship Rate (TTE) with 38%, that is, currently about 52 million Brazilians have their own business.

This data, compared to BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), makes Brazil the emerging country with the best performance in the segment.

As a result, the entrepreneurial scenario in Brazil is extremely optimistic, and increasingly profitable businesses are emerging that generate innovation in various segments with robust business models that meet consumer needs.

In addition, young people are undertaking more. In March 2019, Pexame Magazine revealed that 36 out of 100 Brazilians aged 18-64 already have a business, and of these, more than half are young people up to 34 years old.

If you are within this statistic or want to start a business , there are many things to keep in mind to stand out and make your way among your competitors:

  • Create business ideas that meet a societal demand;
  • Have a good planning;
  • Create a strong market positioning strategy;
  • Make smart investments to drive growth.

What happens to some entrepreneurs is that when it comes to cost and investment, many lock up. This is because they do not have the financial resources to invest in new business.

A lot of questions like “is it worth a loan for investments ?” Arise and, as this is a super challenging universe, it is necessary to stay tuned in the available credit modalities.


Investment loan

Investment loan

Although in Brazil there is no culture of using lending with credit institutions and / or banks as a way to invest, the modality is extremely valid and can make business more profitable .

This can be said because, if the credit institution is well chosen, the return becomes higher than the interest on the debt created. That is, the entrepreneur does not feel debt repayment as a heavy cost to the business as it is making a higher profit.

However, for this to become a reality, research is needed to understand which modalities are best suited to your business.

Other possibilities are angel investors, who by the Normative Instruction are not considered partners and get the financial return of up to 50% of the company’s profits for about five years. Or put new partners in the business who can afford to invest, but in this case you will also have to give up some of your company’s profits.

If giving up your business profit is not your intention, it is worth researching institutions that offer small interest rates for your loan.


New Business Loan

New Business Loan

Whatever business you want to invest in, the loan can be your main ally .

The loan is democratic because with it you can invest the money in any business. From buying franchises to expanding an existing business.

In addition, it can serve as working capital, ie a financial reserve to meet business needs over time.


Secured loan may be an option

Secured loan may be an option

Secured loan (EGI) is one of the most interesting modalities for entrepreneurs looking for start-up credit or wanting to make investments in their current business.

With it, which the contractor receives a loan defined by the value of the property that owns, and is a healthier way to acquire loan, compared to other credit products, regardless of the institution.

There are several advantages for those who want to make an investment loan :

  • Lower rates : Dcredi, for example, works at the lowest rate in the market. The credit has rates from 0.99% per month + IPCA;
  • Extended term : with EGI, it is possible to make a larger number of installments, being accepted up to 180 months to repay the loan;
  • Lower installments: Installments are much more affordable to your pocket.

In addition, it is possible to apply for the loan online and get approved faster.

You can understand more about the Secured Loan by downloading the ebook we prepared with the most relevant information about the modality.

Starting to invest in your business early on can be the way to get the growth you want faster and ensure a brighter future.